There’s more to Irish literature than Joyce and Wilde!

Take the time to browse our shelves. From the insane farce of a Colin Bateman crime thriller to the romance of Jennifer Johnston, the poetic beauty of John McGahern to the contemporary wit and observation of Joseph O’Connor, Modern Irish Fiction is a riot of colour and creativity! Click on the link below and feast your eyes!

Walled City Books Irish Fiction

Trains and boats and planes

We have a wide range of books on trains, boats and planes in stock. Even if you don’t have time to come into the shop, you can browse the shelves by simply clicking the link below.

Walled City Books – Trains & Boats & Planes


French Fiction & Philosophy – C’est facile!

Sadly, our French section is in the most inaccessible part of the shop, so we’ve decided to bring these titles to the comfort (and safety!) of your laptop… Click the link to visit our French photo album. #francais #secondhandbooks #foylebooks #derrycraftvillage

Walled City Books – All Things French


Theology… Lots of it!

Can’t get into #foylebooks and look for yourself? No time to look through our eighteen shelves of Religious History and Philosophy, Comparative Religion and Scripture? No problem! Simply click on the link below, browse through the photos and feel free to ask for details…

Walled City Books – Theology


Anyone for Chess?

chessThinking of taking up a new hobby? We seem to have a lot of chess books… A full list of our chess books is available on our website,, or you can call into Foyle Books in the Derry Craft Village. #chessbook #derrycraftvillage

Observer’s Books -Such a magical mine of information!


We have some but we’re always happy to get some more! Give us a call.